About Erie Vital Signs

Erie Vital Signs is a leadership initiative of The Erie Community Foundation. Located in Erie, PA, the foundation is a collection of more than 700 charitable endowments operating under the administrative umbrella of a single public charity. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for all in our region by evaluating and addressing community issues, building permanent charitable endowments and promoting philanthropic and community leadership. Erie Vital Signs is aimed at deepening our knowledge and understanding of our County. The data and analysis will serve as a common source of information on critical topics that affect the health and progress of Erie County and inform community stakeholders, spur discussion and collaboration, and monitor our quality of life. 

Community indicators are measurements of social, environmental, and economic factors that affect quality of life and represent the health of the community. In a community indicator project, these factors are gathered and analyzed over time to monitor the community's well-being and whether it's improving, declining, or staying the same. These metrics help us decide how to focus our resources to improve our community, and then to monitor the impact of our collective efforts. The analyses serve as a window into the market of Erie County and its people for outside entities, as well as for residents and organizations already within.

Erie Vital Signs encourages our community to create a shared vision for the future, built on data. The Erie Community Foundation supports Erie Vital Signs by encouraging substantial "champions" for projects with the capacity to make a difference, by providing significant resources through our Shaping Tomorrow grantmaking program, and through other community leadership efforts. To promote partnerships and collaborations, The Erie Community Foundation will also help educate donors, policymakers, nonprofits and grantmakers on community needs and solutions.

Erie Vital Signs was developed with assistance from the Erie County Data Center.


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