Salary in erie county


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What Does this Measure?

Median Salary by Industry Sector, sub-sector by ZIP code.

Why is this Important?

Salaries are a gauge of overall economic health and a measure of the degree to which employees are sharing in the prosperity of a community. They also indicate the vitality of a region and its ability to compete and attract workers.

How is Erie County Doing?

The highest median salary of $47,040.89 occurs in the Management, Business, Science, and Arts occupations sector. The sub-sector which achieves the highest median salary is Computer, Engineering, and Science occupations at $53,512.37. The lowest median salary subsector of Food Preparation and Serving-related Occupations totals $11,243.05.

How does Erie compare to its Peers?

How does Erie compare to Pennsylvania?

About this Data

Data from the U.S. Department of Labor as of 2018.