Business Establishments in Erie County

Location quotient (LQ) is a way of discovering the industries or occupations that are truly unique and specialized in your regional economy (compared to the national average).

LQ is calculated by comparing an industry's or an occupation's share of regional employment with its share of national employment.

Suppose breweries account for 8% of all regional jobs in Erie, PA, and 5% of all national jobs. Erie's LQ for breweries would be (0.08 / 0.05) = 1.6, meaning brewery jobs are 1.6x more concentrated in the region than the rest of the nation on average. 

Business Establishments

Analysis Categories

What Does this Measure?

The number of establishments per NAICS industry sector, as well as establishment counts by employment size, by ZIP code.

Why is this Important?

Knowing the breakdown of business establishments in the county or at the ZIP code level gives insight to the drivers of a location's economy and where there exists a surplus or gap within certain categories.

How is Erie County Doing?


Erie County's business establishments are significantly healthcare-oriented with the highest counts in Health Care and Social Assistance (1,436), followed by Retail (903) and Accommodation and Food Services (626) categories. Construction (494) and Manufacturing (468) represent a large portion of tradespeople as well as establishments in the Erie County economy.

Location Quotient

Location quotient (LQ) measures industries that are truly unique and specialized in the regional economy (compared to the national average). Erie's highest LQ industries are in Manufacturing (1.87), Educational Services (1.82), Health Care and Social Assistance (1.47) and Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation (1.34).

EVS Indicators

EVS analyzes the data in each topic category using indicators, which report a targeted and digestible number, rate, or amount to represent Erie County as a whole. While this does not cover every aspect of the topic, it assists in establishing Erie's performance relative to the prior year(s). The indicator for the Business Establishments topic is:


This indicator measures the total number of all business establishments for the latest data year in all of Erie County. New establishments contribute to job  and economic growth, and demonstrate a culture of innovation and  entrepreneurship in the region. The trend for Business Establishments is up and better from 2018 to 2019, with a reported loss of +23 businesses representing +0.33% within the County.

How does Erie compare to Its Peers?

How does Erie compare to Pennsylvania?

About this Data

Analysis performed by Data Center on data from Emsi, as of 12/2020.