Business Establishments in Erie County

Business Establishments

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What Does this Measure?

The number of establishments per NAICS industry sector, as well as establishment counts by employment size, by ZIP code.

Why is this Important?

Knowing the breakdown of business establishments in the county or at the ZIP code level gives insight to the drivers of a location's economy and where there exists a surplus or gap within certain categories.

How is Erie County Doing?

Erie County's business establishments are significantly service-oriented, with the highest number in the Health and Social Assistance category (904), followed by the Retail Trade (893) and Other Services (821) categories. Geographically, the highest concentration of establishments by ZIP code occurs West of the City of Erie in the 16505, 16506, and 16509 ZIP codes with an average of 654 establishments, compared to the County average of 209 per.

How does Erie compare to Its Peers?

How does Erie compare to Pennsylvania?

About this Data

Data from the Census Business Builder: Regional Analyst Edition as of 2017.