Voter Participation in Erie county

Voter Participation

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What does this measure?

Voter Elligibility, Registration, and Participation rates in Presidential, Municipal, and General elections since 2000. Additionally shows Party Registration by House, Senate, and Congressional districts.

Why is this important?

This analyzes how many people are potentially able to vote, a basic right of all citizens. Changes in size of the voting-age population can affect the dynamics of local elections. Registration and Participation indicates the citizenry's interest, commitment and belief in the value of participating in our political process.

How is Erie County doing?

The participation rates among voters depends on the type of election, with highest participation in Presidential elections (67%), less in General (45%), and lowest in Municipal (29%) since 2000. Party registration shows a higher number of registered Democrats. Overall, registration is trending positively, with a higher percentage of eligible voters registered in 2017 (88%) than any year since 2009 (90%).

How does Erie compare to its Peers?

How does Erie compare to Pennsylvania?

About this Data

Data from PA Department of State as of 2018.