3rd Grade Achievement in Erie County

3rd Grade Achievement

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What does this measure?

The percentage of students considered proficient or advanced on the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) Grade 3 English Language Arts and Math exams and reported for the total student population.

Why is this important?

Development of early math skills is an important part of elementary schooling and a foundation for continuing progress in not only math, but also science and related subjects. Third grade is also considered an important milestone in a student's career in terms of reading proficiency and is correlated to whether a student will graduate high school.

How is Erie County doing?

Of Erie County's 3rd grade PSSA testing scores among public schools, the Proficient level averaged 29.6% across the schools in Math, whereas Proficient level averaged 48.8% in Reading. Both Math and Reading showed a sharp decrease in Advanced level proficiency in 2015 as a result of that year's newly implemented cut score changes made by the PA State Board of Education, but slowly regaining positive momentum. On average the Suburban and Rural schools showed higher Proficient and Advanced test scores overall.

About this Data

Data from the PA Department of Education as of 2017.