Foreign-Born Populations in Erie County

What does this measure?

The Population, Labor Participation, Poverty Level, Education, and Salary Ranges for the Foreign-Born and Native population of Erie County.

Why is this important?

The proportion of foreign‐born residents who are working is a measure of labor force participation that seeks to include the growing influence of foreign‐born workers. As workforce growth faces  challenges, immigrants will help fill critical workforce needs. Some face barriers to working such as limited English or transferable skills.

How is Erie County doing?

Erie County's foreign-born population is bifurcated. Concerning variables such as poverty and high-school graduation rates, the foreign-born population ranks lower than the native population. Conversely, within higher education and salary levels, the foreign-born population achieves much higher than the native population. While it is not directly tracked, these extremes could be attributed to the nature of immigration: some foreign-born residents of Erie County have immigrated to this area to perform higher-paying professional occupations, reflected in the higher salaries and education levels, whereas others have come to Erie out of necessity to begin a new life and have not been as fortunate to receive prior education or received professional training.

How does Erie compare to its Peers?

How does Erie compare to Pennsylvania?

About this Data

Data from the Census ACS as of 2017.