Healthcare and accessibility in Erie County

Healthcare Insurance and Access

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What does this measure?

Population with No Healthcare and those who reported needing a doctor but not being able to because of cost (within one year) by age, sex, educational attainment, and income levels. Banded in 3 year increments since 2011 for both Erie County and Pennsylvania.

Why is this important?

Health insurance is critical to accessing medical care and financial stability. People without insurance may delay necessary care and forgo preventive care altogether, which can lead to more serious and costly medical problems in the future. A major illness or injury can financially ruin an uninsured family.

How is Erie County doing?

Notable differences between Erie County and the state reside in Erie's reporting on lack of healthcare insurance among ages 18 – 44 being lower than state average, with Erie at 9% and PA at 11%, the gap has closed since 2011, but Erie has remained lower than state average. This trend followed suit in the educational attainment and income level categories, with the lowest category of both having a smaller percentage of uninsured than the PA state totals. This indicates that residents of Erie may have an easier time securing healthcare insurance.

A similar trend occurs in the population who required a doctor but could not see one because of cost within the last year of questioning, with Erie County reporting lower percentages across all categories than the state average. This could be explained by more of Erie County's residents having healthcare insurance, a lower cost of accessing healthcare in Erie, or just a lower need for doctor visits in Erie as compared to PA residents as a whole.

How does Erie compare to its Peers?

How does Erie compare to Pennsylvania?

About this Data

Data from the PA Department of Health as of 2018.