High School Graduation Rates in Erie county

High School Graduation Rates

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What does this measure?

Total Graduates and Graduation rate by Race/Ethnicity and Sex, by School District.

Why is this important?

High school graduation is the culmination of a successful K-12 education and the gateway to college or employment. Students who do not graduate face the prospect of unemployment or low-paying jobs.

How is Erie County doing?

School District

In 2018, Erie County's high school graduate classes were largest in the Erie City (589) and Millcreek (518) school districts. Both the highest and lowest graduation rates were found in the Erie City school district, with Erie HS (71.4%) and Collegiate Academy of PA (99%). Outside of the Erie City limits, the Corry Area school district also was lowest with only a 84.5% graduation rate. The average cohort graduation rate in Erie County was 91.8%, with a total of 2541 graduating students..


While an average of 92.2% of White high school students graduate, students of color average 93.8% graduation rates. However, Multi-Racial students achieve the lowest graduation rates, with 89.1% in 2018.


Overall, Female students achieved higher graduation rates (93.6%) than their Male counterparts (90.8%). This trend is reversed in the Union City Area, Northwestern, Harbor Creek school districts, where Male students average higher completion rates. Both Male and Female graduation rates rose from 2017 to 2018, but could be attributed to the consolidation of several Erie City schools, and its weight on the reporting. 

EVS Indicators

EVS analyzes the data in each topic category using indicators, which report a targeted and digestible number, rate, or amount to represent Erie County as a whole. While this does not cover every aspect of the topic, it assists in establishing Erie's performance relative to the prior year(s). The indicators for the Education: High School topic are:



This indicator measures the percentage of Erie County public school high schoolers who achieved graduation in latest data year. The trend for High School Cohort Graduation is up and better from 2017 to 2018, with a reported increase  of +2.7% within the County.

How does Erie compare to its Peers?

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Data from the U.S. Census ACS as of 2017.