Mortality Rates in Erie County

Mortality Rates

Analysis Categories

What does this measure?

Underlying cause of death by Cancer, Cardiovascular Diseases, Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases, Drug-Induced, Heart Disease, and Suicide by race/ethnicity, age range, or sex. Banded in 3 year increments since 2000.

Why is this important?

Death rates are a measure of the overall health of a community, particularly since some of the most common causes of death, such as heart disease, can be prevented or mitigated through lifestyle changes, prevention efforts, early intervention, and better access to quality health care.

How is Erie County doing?

Cardiovascular Disease deaths have fallen, and remain highest in age ranges between 70 to 79 and 80 + year olds, the same applies to Heart Disease deaths in particular. Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease deaths have risen on average since 2000, among older age groups. Drug–induced Deaths are up 5x from 2000-2002 (412) to 2015-2017 (2088) and skew more towards the male population at (65.8). Suicide and Intentional Self-harm Deaths are also up to 1,284 from 636 in 2000-2002, and skew highly male, at 83.5% and highest between the ages of 40 to 59 years old.

How does Erie compare to its Peers?

About this Data

Data from the PA Department of Health as of 2018.