Workforce in Erie County


Analysis Categories

What does this measure?

Workforce by Age Range, Educational Attainment, Race/Ethnicity, and Sex by ZIP code.

Why is this important?

It is important for local and prospective business entities to understand the workforce by these variables in order to understand the pool of talent and what surplus or deficit of individuals that the County presents, which may be felt by employers.

How is Erie County doing?

Of the working-aged population, an expected distribution in the employed population occurs between the ages of 20 to 55, with an average participation rate of 78%. In Erie County, workers without a high school degree or equivalent have a participation rate of only 49%, this number jumps to 85% for workers holding a bachelors degree or higher. Geographically, the workforce skews younger the closer to Erie City center.

How does Erie compare to its Peers?

How does Erie compare to Pennsylvania?

About this Data

Data from the U.S. Census ACS as of 2018.