Home Purchase & rental costs in Erie county

Home Purchase & Rental Costs

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What does this measure?

Average housing value, monthly owner cost, or rent by ZIP code. As well as homeownership or vacancy rates, and the total units count for single family detached units, owner-occupied units, or renter-occupied units by ZIP code.

Why is this important?

The single largest segment of consumer spending in Erie County is housing cost. This data arms prospective home owners or renters with the average cost associated with the monthly payment.

How is Erie County doing?

Average housing values skew higher west of the City limits, particularly in ZIP codes 16415 ($225,808), 16443 ($242,502), and 16506 ($194,696). Conversely, within Erie City center and just East are the lowest average housing prices, with ZIP codes 16503 ($55,675), 16507 ($67,886), and 16502 ($89,012) as the lowest in the county. Rental costs are less uniform in their density, likely due to college settings, but the highest average rental costs is in ZIP 16443 ($930) whereas the lowest is 16501 ($431).

How does Erie compare to its Peers?

How does Erie compare to Pennsylvania?

About this Data

Data from the Census Business Builder: Regional Analyst Edition as of 2017.