Demographics Overview 

The most common indicators and analyses of a community's growth and development comes through population demographics. The data included in this section breaks down the overall population trend (and projection) by age and race, as well as geographically, and provides information for incomes and household types within Erie County at a ZIP code level.

  • Population measures provide insight on how communities are changing in size and composition. The racial and ethnic makeup of a community can offer insight into its levels of diversity, which also may reflect particular challenges and opportunities. The age of a population can affect a community's character and the services that it requires.
  • A household's makeup can say a lot about that geographic area's composite population and be an important factor is where people choose to live or not. Familial and marital status both assist in describing that area's attraction to a younger population, whereas household size can be an indicator of shared living quarters for non-family housemates. Overall housing density is another indicator of amenities or consumer establishments.
  • Median household income is a gauge of the overall economic health of the region and the financial resources of households. Non-profits, existing and potential businesses, and community organizations can who understand their target demographic can utilize such information to make informed decisions around their strategic goals.

The following are the EVS key indicators for Erie's Demographics:








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                                    Population Projection Insights                                                                           Income Insights



                                                Households Insights                                                                     Foreign-Born Population Insights